Starting in the Fall 2018, we will be using a new registration system.

We hope that this will provide great detail in the entire registration process.

Please follow the instructions that should be able to walk you, as a parent, through the entire registration process.

  1. Click on the registration button to be directed to the Registration Portal.
  2. If you have not previously created an account on our new portal system, please click the button to create an account.
  3. The details to be entered in the YOUR ACCOUNT section should be the information for the parent who will be responsible for fees and class/program registration. Please complete the necessary information in this section.
  4. You will now need to add the information for any students/athletes who will be participating in the class/program.
  5. Click on the ADD A STUDENT under the TAKING CLASSES section. If you are the person who is taking a class/program, please click the I TAKE CLASSES button.
  6. In the TAKING CLASSES section, you can select the location that best describes which program you are registering for.
  7. Enter the student/athlete details as completely as possible.
  8. If you have anther student/athlete that will be taking class/programs, please select ADD A STUDENT to be able to enter the details of additional students/athletes.
  9. Continue this process until all students/athletes have been entered.
  10. Once this is complete, proceed to the CREATE ACCOUNT section.
  11. Complete the simple calculation to ensure the registration is being completed by a person and not spam.
  12. Please read through the necessary waivers and policies, and click the I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS for each policy.
  13. Once this is done, click on the SAVE ACCOUNT AND LOGIN button to proceed into the portal.

Once you have created an account and have been able to log in to the Portal, you will have the ability to:

  • Manage the student/athlete info
  • Select the classes/programs that are available to the student/athlete.
  • View calendars specific to the student/athlete
  • Make payments
  • Manage your account settings.

If you choose to REGISTER FOR CLASSES, only the classes/programs that may be available to the specific student/athlete will be displayed. This is typically based on student/athlete age and/or possible Pre-requisites.

Once you select a class/program for a student/athlete you would like to register for, click SUBMIT. This will add the class/program cost to your account. Once all classes/programs have been registered, you can choose to pay the full balance.

We hope that this provides enough detail for you to be able register problem-free. If you should have any problems during the registration process, please feel free to email Ritchie Mallari at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also view a short video showing step by step process of account creation through to class/program selection and payment.



2019 Summer Programming

Age Groups

Beginner - Double Trouble Volleyball Training U9-13
(Current Gr7 & younger) Kids born in 2010 and later with no formal club experience.
Summer Triple Threat U13-14
(Current Gr7/8) U13-14 Kids born in 2005-2006.
Summer Triple Threat U15 & Older
kids born before 2005.
To access our registration portal, please follow the instructions found here:

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